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    Forget Tinder: Being Sustainable Makes You Sexier

    “I mean, I obviously believe in climate change. But I think you should still question the science.”

    I almost spit out my drink.

    I had started dating this young man – attractive, tall, slightly awkward (don’t ask, it’s my type…) and it was our fourth or fifth date. Although he hadn’t blatantly denied that climate change is real, there were a few subtle statements that made me question his political affiliation.

    But questioning the science of climate change? This was the final straw.

    We all have our dating dealbreakers. For someone who co-founded Green Philly whose life revolves around sustainability, it’s believing in climate change. And it’s not like they have to be the greenest on the block. I’ve helped those around me trade sustainable habits… Many of my friends started using reusable bags or recycle more. One of my previous boyfriends traded in his Toyota Tundra in for a Prius.

    But I’m not always as subtle with my views. A few years back, I was in Black Sheep with another young man on our third date. It was around the time I was quitting my full-time job, exhausted and working around the clock. He dropped a bomb. “I don’t even know if I believe in man-made climate change.”

    Do you not believe in facts?!? Science?!? Logic?!?

    Finding Love is Better When You’re Sustainableeco-love get outdoors

    Good news for all you Green Philly readers – you’re a little sexier than your peers. That’s right, your green habits can even help you find love.

    According to Timberland, 4 out of 5 Americans find eco-friendly habits attractive. Here are other appealing deets from the Timberland Eco-Love survey.

    • Keeping an eco-friendly home (46%) and considering the environmental impact of products you buy (33%) are the top sexiest traits.
    • 1 in 5 Americans prefers recycled materials or organic gift over conventional.
    • Volunteering is attractive to Americans (up 37% since a 2012 survey)
    • One in 10 Americans would like to meet someone in a ride share. (Philly locals Nick Marzano and Melissa Schipke shared their Uberpool love story with Philly.com and are now engaged!)
    • Get hiking! Almost 60% of daters are interested in people who spend time outdoors.
    • Marching… so hot right now. 1-in-10 people would like to meet a significant other at an activist event.

    For those of you who find yourself on a date with a climate-change denier, remember that the odds are ever in your favor. Just get outdoors, to a soup kitchen or in a Lyft.

    If you want to show your love to your eco-lover or loved one this Valentine’s Day, remember to support local makers.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


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