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    All Natural Makeup: Why you should Switch to Toxin-free

    Much like we obsess over healthy food, using natural beauty products should be another piece of our daily lives. Cosmetics, to some extent, penetrate the skin – it’s estimated that up to 60% of the makeup products we use are absorbed in the skin and deposited into the circulatory system. If the makeup is rich in chemicals, then it can cause irritation and other side effects.

    The 411 on conventional Makeup ingredients

    Conventional brands contain a range of ingredients that can be harmful to the skin, like talc, synthetics, parabens. Parabens can cause serious health side effects and interfere with the endocrine functioning. Parabens specifically are endocrine disruptors that are stored in tissues of the body, interfering with the hormone production. While ingredients in cosmetics are supposed to enhance the skin, parabens ironically accelerate the skin aging process. Watch out for methyl, propyl, and butylparaben are mostly used in cosmetics. Paraben also increases sensitivity to, and damage from the sun.

    Talc has been classified as safe by the FDA, but the problem arises because it can contain a form of asbestos (a combination of six naturally occurring silicate minerals) which is, at times found to be carcinogenic.

    The presence of metals like lead in lipsticks and mercury in mascaras can be very harmful and can both cause damaged brain function.

    Now that we’ve gone to the dark side, here’s the advantage of better brands. Instead of going for conventional brands, it’s preferable to choose chemical-free alternatives.

    Benefits of all Natural Makeup

    Natural makeup contains ingredients such as plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals.

    Ingredients like organic oils flower essence, mica, minerals, clays, waxes, corn starch, are found in emulsifiers and other agents, which are used to make foundations. These ingredients have been known to have positives effects on the skin.

    Natural makeup is also quite beneficial for sensitive skin. The organic ingredients present in natural makeup comparatively cause less harm and fewer skin conditions.

    How to Find out whether Your Makeup Brand is Hazardous

    There are several websites and apps which give the low-down on all natural makeup products.

    EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database is one of the reliable websites where you search for products, ingredients, and overall rating, which ranges from 0-6 (0-2= low hazards, 3-6= moderate hazard, >6 = high hazard). The database also provides information related to the ingredients if they have an overall hazard, the risk of cancer, the risk of developmental and reproductive allergies, toxicity, etc.

    List of Chemical-Free Makeup Brands

    *For the record, “chemicals” are everywhere. Water is technically made of chemicals. Even “all natural” is problematic for marketing claims. We’re using chemical-free and natural in the context of synthetic or toxic chemicals because people search for ‘chemical free’ for beauty brands. Also, we recommend always doing your own research on what is in your products or checking EWG’s database, because even ‘toxin free’ brands can switch an ingredient or new study may find that something else is dangerous. (I know, I know, it’s quite the time to be alive.)  

    During manufacturing, some products go through RDB processing (refined, bleached, and deodorized). Having the products go through this type of process can strip it off of their vital nutrients. The advantage of chemical-free brands is that they avoid these kinds of processing altogether preventing adverse effect to the potency of herbal extracts, rashes and skin irritation to sensitive skin and long-term skin dehydration, ultimately providing a quality rich product.

    So, if you are looking for healthy alternatives for your daily makeup do not forget to check out the all natural makeup brands available in stores and online.

    We occasionally even try the makeup brands out for you.

    a few natural makeup brands:

    • RMS Beauty
    • Tarte Cosmetics (Gluten-free, too!) 
    • ILIA Beauty
    • 100% Pure
    • Alima Pure
    • Vapour
    • Lotus Bio-Mineral
    • Afterglow Cosmetics
    • Au Naturale
    • Jane Iredale
    • Hush + Dotti
    • Mineral Fusion

    Choosing plant oils, waxes, and other organic ingredients is always a healthier option than to absorb by-products, paraben, and synthetic chemicals.

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