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    Top 5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Relax and De-Stress… Because Philly Needs It

    Ways to Relax and De-StressThe bad news: Philadelphia was named the most stressed city for women in Self magazine’s December issue.  The good news: we have eco-friendly ways to relax and de-stress!

    Self cites an average 32 minute one-way commute and a 12% unemployment rate as some of the reasons for Philly topping the list.

    Ladies, you deserve better! Stress is a fact of life and some of the factors that contribute to the feeling can’t be helped. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be taking steps to relax.

    Of course it’s also the holiday season – a time that lends itself to feeling frazzled and fried. Whether you can get your R & R in now or in January these tips will help.

    Here’s 5 tips to de-stress (and help get Philly off that downer list):

    1. Volunteer work or community service.  Giving back is almost a fail proof way to feel better. Yes, volunteering is supposed to be about selfless service but you just can’t help feeling better from it. Volunteering helps us gain perspective, count our blessings and therefore de-stress.

    We often feature volunteer opportunities on our events page. Be sure to check it out often so you don’t miss the fun!

    2. Donate, reduce and recycle. Getting rid of stuff is surprisingly cleansing and calming. Accumulating too much junk can make us feel stressed. But, the key is not to discard aimlessly or to just toss things in the trash!

    There are so many ways to recycle your goods these days. The what to recycle Wednesday column offers plenty of great ideas. Remember, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure!

    3. Work out – especially in the great outdoors. Yes, yes I know it’s cold and you don’t want any icicles forming on your face but studies consistently show that getting in physical activity outside is a major stress reliever. This is especially true during the winter months when we’re low on vitamin D from lack of sunlight.

    Better yet switch up your car-commute routine and bike to work if possible. You’ll get in a workout and cut down on emissions.

    It may be chilly, but if the sun is peaking out you’re still getting a good dose of mood boosting vitamins. If you really can’t stomach the chill taking your work out, indoors still has stress reducing benefits. But they may be slightly less powerful.

    4. Cook or bake. When we’re busy it’s easy to forgo cooking and choose the easier option – takeout or dining out. But in the long-term cooking for ourselves, families and roommates will make us happier, and feel more accomplished. You don’t need to get fancy either. Simple recipes with quality ingredients (local and organic when you can) will help you feel good. The cooking and baking process is also therapeutic … helping to decrease stress.

    Need some simple recipe ideas? Try half-assed mexican potato latkes, simple crispy tofu, or vegan banana chocolate chip muffins.

    5. Get crafty with DIY.  DIY is huge these days (thank you pinterest.) Crafting using your hands while firing up those creative right-side brain neurons can be soothing. Another bonus – most DIY crafts involve using something you already have so you’ll feel good about upcycling.


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