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    Why I’m Not Making a New Years Resolution

    New Years Resolutions PhillyGet dressed up. Ball drops. Make a list of how to be more awesome in 2014.

    Did this sound like your December 31st evening?

    I’ve (almost) officially given up on New Years resolutions. To be totally honest, I don’t know if I keep track of New Years resolutions after January 2nd.

    Instead, I’ve moved to throughout-the-year changes. I can even show a few examples to prove it:

    • Last September, I noticed I was getting bored with my workout routine. My gym class was collecting dust, having only used it no more than a dozen times in 6 months. During the summer,  I was biking and running outside instead. I researched a few local fitness classes and joined a 30-day Lithe Method ‘beginner’ package in November. 30 classes and a few packages later, I am officially in Love. Moving forward, I plan on trying athletic classes during the colder months and working out outside during the warm months.
    • When I noticed my eating habits went south once the CSA season was over, I decided to try a Winter CSA. Starting on Wednesday, I’ll be getting biweekly CSA shares with two close girlfriends. The CSA BFF pact is to cook together each week to experiment with the local vegetables and recipes. (I’ll try to share as many as possible on the blog, too!)
    • When I turned 30, I realized I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life – financially and with a few long term goals. However, I’ve been setting a few goals over the past few weeks and have a few plans in place.

    I may humor myself and create a few resolutions over the next few days for 2014. Mostly, I want to be more awesome as a person. To people, to animals, to the world. And to myself.

    As far as the green scene? I can preview that GPB will be getting a mini-makeover in the new year, and be more useful for you guys. If all goes as planned, the plastic bag legislation will FINALLY be introduced this session. Behind-the-scenes, politics are definitely complex. (Even on the local level.) 

    Regardless, take this new opportunity in 2014 to reflect and be the best version of yourself. Get healthy and happy. And stop paying attention to silly lists of what you have to do in 2014. Find your goals and tackle them as much as you can.

    But if you’re still in need of some resolutions, here’s 10 green ones. And 5 that will save you money. And a few more green bonus ones.

    Readers, are you coming up with a New Years Resolution list? Or what are you doing for the new year?

    Happy 2014!



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