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  • Quick Tip: CD & DVD alternatives

    CDs and DVDs are typically made from a combination of mixed metals – aluminum, gold, silver and nickel with petroleum-derived plastics and a combination of dyes.  What does this mean to you?  The blend of these materials make them almost impossible to recycle.

    Most old or damaged CDs & DVDs end up in the trash.  Unfortunately, I’m the queen of accidentally scratching CDs (ask anyone) so I made a conscious effort to find alternative ways to enjoy entertainment.

    Instead of purchasing DVDs, check out your cable or satellite provider’s “on demand” movie options.  These movies feed directly to your TV sans harmful materials.

    Downloading music is a popular alternative to buying CD’s. You can download iTunes or other music software straight to your computer and keep your collection in one convenient location.  No worry over scratching or recycling!

    Posted by Beth

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