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    Ecotourism in Costa Rica: Journey in Photos

    arenal_volcano_cloudBeing environmentally conscious isn’t just about waste reduction and carbon offsets. Admiring our planet’s aesthetic beauty and complexity plays an important role as well – it gives us a reason to keep it intact.

    Today, ecotourism in Costa Rica is thriving. Ecotourism continues to be Costa Rica’s largest foreign exchange earner, surpassing other exports such as pineapples, bananas, and coffee. Tourists from around the world travel to Costa Rica to visit the country’s many national parks and beaches.

    It’s no wonder – Costa Rica has the largest percentage of protected land in the world. 25% of the country is dedicated to preservation, which is especially important, as Costa Rica contains almost 5% of the world’s biodiversity (over 500,000 species!) A large number of these species live in Costa Rica’s incredible cloud forests and rainforests, the main attraction for many tourists.

    Costa Rica – Sustainability

    If you couldn’t tell already, Costa Rica cares about sustainability. Even in remote areas (which is really everywhere except for San José and Liberia, the country’s two largest cities), recycling is still an option. Recently, they announced plans to close all zoos. And unlike their neighboring country, Nicaragua, Costa Rica enforces their laws regarding preservation, shark finning included.

    Last month, I packed my suitcase and took the trip. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Simply put, visiting Costa Rica makes you appreciate what nature has to offer. Between the wildlife, the canopy tours, and the beaches, there was a lot to admire. And don’t worry, I took pictures.

    Costa Rica – in Photos

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