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    Kansas City Market: City Spotlight

    Kansas City MarketThe best part about the locavore movement sweeping up the nation, is that a farmers’ market is often nearby. And it’s great to try the local fare regardless of where you are.

    A recent trip to Missouri and Kansas (OK, over the summer…) lead me to the City Market in Kansas City.

    With a history dating back to 1857, the City Market features a huge variety of food vendors, shopping, produce, meats, specialty groceries, flowers and more from nearby farmers as well as international goods. The City Market has a Farmers’ Market every weekend throughout the year, from 6 AM to 3 PM (Sat) and 8 AM – 3 PM on Sundays. With such a wide variety, it’s no surprise the City Market has received honors like a Great Markets/Great Cities Award of Distinction, Kansas City’s 6th Top Area Attraction and Farmers’ Market of the Year.

    Visiting the Kansas City Market

    There was a huge Community Yard Sale complete with goods from a variety of locals, selling odds and ends from dishes and cups to clothes and lamps. There is an average of up to 60 vendors each weekend.

    Kansas City Market Vendors

    My souvenir was homemade soaps from Kansas City Soap Co., a local merchant. She had started the business on the side and was growing it in hopes to take it to a full time gig. Her soaps smelled delicious (and were amazing to use in the shower) and had a variety of homemade lip balm – which I picked up a couple.  Other bath products offered included lotions, shea butter, salt scrubs and more. I was psyched to support a local artisan.

    Kansas City Soap Co

    The produce at the City Market was plentiful and low-cost. My brother and sister-in-law ended up with bags of food for their home.

    Kansas City Market

    For those craving food ready-made for them, the City Market had a ton of restaurants and food vendors. The flatbread at the Greek shop was out-of-this-world soft. There’s Italian subs, pizzas, Indian, Thai and many other international cuisines.

    I also sampled the crepes and beignets at (creatively named) Beignet, which was delicious.

    Kansas City Market Crepe

    Readers, what’s your favorite part to explore in a new city? Any farmers markets recs?


    If you go: City Market, 20 E 5th Street (at Main), Kansas City, MO

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