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  • Winter is Here! BTW Game of Thrones is actually about Climate Change

    Winter is here!

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    On the first official day of Winter, it’s the perfect time to address another timely conspiracy theory. Is Game of Thrones actually about Climate Change? We’ll dive deep into this – and obviously use essential GIFs in the process.

    For those of you who aren’t caught up, you may want to click away.

    One of my favorite podcasts, Warm Regards, dives deep into this theory if Game of Thrones is a metaphor for Climate Change. They also get into the comparisons of the show references for scientists with their careers – so climate nerds, take a listen.

    Why Game of Thrones is actually about Climate Change:

    • The White Walkers are Climate Change. They’ve been present as a threat for the past 7 seasons, yet many people question if they exist.
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    • In the meantime, the Seven Kingdoms are engaged in their day-to-day happenings and private wars, oblivious to the looming threat.
    • Jon Snow is the environmentalist, who is warning everyone about the imminent threat (winter/climate change). However…
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      • Cersai in Westeros is a climate-denier (AKA Scott Pruitt, Koch Brothers, etc.) who cares more about her immediate interests than preserving the greater good of her kingdom.
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      • The Wall protected Westeros from the White Walkers (climate change), but now an undead dragon burnt it down. Perhaps the Wall was our CO2 threshold of unstoppable changes?
      • Dragonglass is the one weakness of the White Walkers, similar to how renewable energy is the way to curb greenhouse gas emissions. But how much effort will it take to prioritize a tool that will help prevent the inevitable disaster?
      • Could the snow falling in Kings Landing be a warning for those who aren’t prepared to fight climate change in warmer climates?

      If the above wasn’t geeky enough for you, Samwell Tarly wrote a white paper about the Game of Thrones climate model.

      Any other insights about GoT and Climate Change? Excuse me for the pause while I try to redeem myself to look a little bit cooler.

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