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  • City Announces 100% Renewable Energy by 2030 (for City Built Environment) energy-master-plan Full view

    City Announces 100% Renewable Energy by 2030 (for City Built Environment)

    On an unusually hot 84* day in late September, the city’s making strides to fight the climate change we’re experiencing IRL.

    The city announced four huge energy goals, including to generate or purchase 100% all electricity from renewable resources by 2030 for the City’s built environment (i.e. the City’s 600 buildings, including the Philadelphia Art Museum).

    The city also announced a Renewable Energy Power Purchasing Agreement RFP (Request for Proposals) to make a long-term commitment, to buy renewable energy from a local source. This helps create local jobs and encourage renewable energy in the region.

    Philadelphia Municipal Energy Master Plan Goals

    1. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the City’s built environment 50% by 2030
    2. Reduce the City’s built environment energy use 20% by 2030
    3. Generate or purchase 100% of all electricity for the City’s Built Environment from renewable sources by 2030
    4. Maintain or reduce the City’s built environment cost of energy at facilities.

    Christine Knapp, Mayor Jim Kenney & city officials unveiled the Philadelphia Municipal Energy Master Plan for the Built Environment today at the Museum of Art.

    Mayor Kenney’s commitment to climate change issues has helped anchor efforts like these in the Office of Sustainability. As Mayor Kenney said,

    “Climate change is real and is already having an impact on our residents.”

    Stay tuned to Green Philly tomorrow, as we break down the plan and how this fits in with the rest of what Philadelphia is doing.

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