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    Letter to the Editor: We Must Fight Against Clean Car Standard Rollbacks

    On August 2, the Trump administration released a much-anticipated proposal to halt antipollution and fuel-efficiency standards for cars. Drexel University student and Defend Our Future intern Melody Wu wrote to Green Philly in response. 

    Six years ago, the Obama Administration signed off on the clean car standards, regulation meant to reduce half of vehicular carbon emissions by 2025. Now, President Trump is intent on tearing down this regulation. The rollback of the Clean Car Standards under Trump and EPA’s Scott Pruitt (Editorial Note: Pruitt resigned on July 6) will cost Americans billions of dollars at the gas pump. Without these protections harmful carcinogens and greenhouse gases emitted from vehicles will increase exponentially.

    Auto-manufacturers, laborers, environmentalists, and consumers alike support these safeguards. Despite this, Trump’s support for Big Oil’s interests remains unyielding. It is up to us to oppose the administration’s rollback of the clean car standards at hearings being held across the country, like the one held this week by Philadelphia Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown and by submitting public comments. As an advocate and intern with Defend our Future, a non-partisan, student lead environmental organization, I strongly urge our Senators to stand up against the rollback of the Clean Car Standards to protect future generations. Only by standing up and talking to our representatives about these harmful climate policies can we make a positive difference for our future.

    Melody Wu

    About Melody Wu

    Melody is an environmental engineering student at Drexel University. In the future, she hopes to work at the intersection of science and policy in order to fight global injustices. She works closely with Defend Our Future PA and 350's Fossil Free college campaigns.

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