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    Meet the Climate Dads: A New Letter-Writing Movement

    While you and your pops may have been spending last Sunday grilling or playing catch, one Philly-based father was busy launching a movement: Climate Dads.

    Local Philly fathers Jason Sandman and Ben Block kicked off the letter-writing campaign on Father’s Day. Climate Dads calls on male caretakers across the country to share personal letters they wrote to family members, explaining how climate change has affected their lives and declaring their dedication to work toward a solution.

    Climate Dads works in partnership with DearTomorrow, a community of people promising today to take action on climate change for a safe and healthy tomorrow.

    “Our letters reveal a growing number of parents take seriously their responsibility to safeguard their children from the consequences of our climate crisis,” says Block. “While we all face a climate that will become increasingly unforgiving, we see environmental challenges as opportunities to connect with our kids, bond over the splendor of our outdoor spaces, and dedicate ourselves to a collective mission of creating a more sustainable future.”

    You can read each story at climatedads.org or through social media.


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