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    OOS Finalized Clean Energy Plan to “Power” Our Future Thanks to Your Feedback

    OOS kept their promise about being an org for the people.

    Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability (OOS) originally released their Powering Our Future report in November 2017. After the initial release, they held open hearings and requested comments from the public.

    Ten months later, OOS released its final version of the report.

    So what changed throughout the doc? Version 2.0 is six pages longer, including a glossary for terms like “carbon footprint” to “Power Purchase Agreement”, used throughout the report.

    According to a blog post, other changes included:

    • Beyond 80 by 50: Climate science increasingly suggests we must work globally to cut carbon emissions as fast and as far as possible. Thoughts on moving beyond the 80 by 50 target are included on page 9 of the report.
    • Concrete next steps: Achieving our clean energy vision will take effort by individuals, institutions, and all levels of government. To understand how the City will lead on implementing the vision, OOS will publish a Clean Energy Vision Action Plan in September 2018.
    • Summary and simplification: Powering Our Future reflects our complex energy system and the effort it will take to transform it. As an introduction to this work, check out our summary of the report.

    Other cool improved visuals show where Philly’s Carbon Footprint is, like this one:

    Philadelphia Carbon Pollution Snapshot

    Page 15 has a flow chart of how to choose an energy supplier. (We have a list of wind and solar.)

    Want to learn more? Read the full report on OOS’s website here.


    Photo: Phila.gov 



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