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  • OMG #Breaking: New Bike Lanes on JFK & Market!! bike-lane-photo Full view

    OMG #Breaking: New Bike Lanes on JFK & Market!!

    A reminder to keep on fighting for change.

    On Saturday at the Vision Zero Philadelphia conference, Mayor Jim Kenney shared the news that the city will pilot a bike lane between 15th and 20th streets on JFK & Market Streets. The new lanes also include plastic delineators for pedestrians, upgraded bus shelters, and opportunities for planters to help beautify the area.

    bike lane pilot

    The Market-JFK bike lane pilot goals include:

    • Manage driving speeds, in accordance with the 25MPH speed limit.
    • Shorten crossing distances for people walking.
    • Reduce the number of people bicycling on the sidewalks, and provide a dedicated space for cyclists.
    • Reduce Philadelphians’ risk of developing chronic disease by promoting active transportation (walking and biking).

    The pilot program will happen for nine months starting in Spring 2018, and then provide feedback for future, permanent solutions. Also involved in the pilot: oTIS is working closely with the 9thPolice District for education and traffic safety enforcement efforts that will focus on the Vision Zero “Safety Six” issues: reckless/careless driving, distracted driving, driving under the influence, failure to yield to pedestrians, parking that obstructs sight lines, and red-light running for people bicycling and driving.

    “This project will be the first step to convert Market Street and JFK into safe streets connecting the heart of Center City and the Schuylkill River Trail, while better serving the bicyclists and pedestrians who live, work and commute along them,” said Sarah Clark Stuart, Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. This news comes after a deadly bike crash took place IN a bike lane in November, and the Bicycle Coalition has continued to suggest safer streets. Kudos, Sarah & team.

    It’s like Philly is becoming a modern, safe(r) city, eh?

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