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    Mark Your Calendars: We’re Hosting a Roundtable!

    We don’t need to tell you: Philadelphia is getting hotter and wetter, thanks to rising global temperatures. But the city is taking steps to combat climate change, and boosting the economy while they’re at it. Join our tour and roundtable on July 31 to learn how!

    We’ll kick off with a Philadelphia Water Department-led tour of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI), including the beautiful Hestonville Rain Garden. Attendees will learn about the Green City, Clean Waters program and the small grants available for local organizations to adopt similar structures.

    Next is a tour of the Overbrook Environmental Education Center and a presentation on its stormwater initiatives.

    The evening will conclude with an intimate roundtable (and free dinner!) with local experts Jerome Shabazz, Dan Schupsky and Joanne Douglas. Learn about how different organizations are creating economic opportunities through environmental initiatives, as well as the Overbrook Center’s GSI program, a project-based learning experience where students become active participants in the educational experience.

    Attendees are encouraged to engage in conversation rather than take a backseat. Only 20 spots are available, so be sure to register to claim your spot!

    This roundtable and dinner are made possible by CUSP.


    • 4-5 PM: Tour Hestonville Rain Garden
    • 5-5:30 PM: Tour Overbrook Center
    • 5:30- 6:30 PM: Dinner and Roundtable discussion

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