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  • 3 reasons why Fishtown is Philly’s next sustainable hot spot

    Fishtown, once a humble residential area in Northeast Philly, is growing as a bustling feasting ground for young urbanites.

    What is the attraction? This neighborhood continues to attract Philadelphians and visitors, but it can’t just be for some damn good fish tacos or eclectic steeped coffee.

    Fishtown has more to provide than tattoo parlors and hipster coffee shops – just check the latest sustainable developments. Here are our reasons to get down with Fishtown.

    3 Ways Fishtown is Embracing Sustainability

    1. Sustainable Home Living & Community

    Sustainability starts where you live – and Fishtown is embracing a few staples to go green in their home.

    • Official Green Blocks

    The “Big Green Block” on the 1800 Block of Blair St in surrounding Kensington/Fishtown, boasts of a healthy stormwater system provided by the Philadelphia Water Department. The system includes many Green Tools that allow for more efficient water collection.

    • Fishtown Neighbors Association (FNA)

    It’s evident that this riverfront neighborhood is all about getting active, but we can’t forget that visitors are welcome to get involved too! The FNA is extremely invested in beautification, but also in the preservation of existing historic sites. For more info about the ways that this community ensures sustainable action check out their resources.

    Photo: Uwishunu
    • The Ice House and other Living Accommodations

    Fishtown is known for staying grounded and down-to-Earth, but that doesn’t come at a cost of being behind the times. This local area is peaking in terms of new green developments like the Ice House.

    This LEED certified housing complex features a green roof, a rain recycling system, sustainable hardwood flooring, and even hybrid car hookups.

    The Ice House Development

    2: Embrace Sustainable Lifestyles on Frankford Ave

    Flying Kite

    It isn’t a mystery why such a large percentage of Fishtown residents are seen walking and biking; it’s the easiest way absorb the richest pops of local flavor.

    If you want to take a walking tour of the neighborhood, begin your trip at Frankford Ave, the road to green people heaven. Here are a few of my fav spots that help you live more sustainably:

    • Circle Thrift – 2233 Frankford Ave.

    Dealing with the trials and tribulations of being a young urbanite in busy Philly can get exhausting, but “CiRCLE THRiFT seeks to bring hope to the challenges of 21st century urban life.” Stroll through aisles of gently used clothing and housing items, or spend your time donating and volunteering with Circle Thrift’s vibrant staff. Circle Thrift makes reusable and sustainable living in Fishtown just a short walk away.

    • Bicycle Stable – 1420 Frankford Ave

    Fishtown has been supporting its embedded 2-wheeling community with this full-time repair shop for almost a decade, and we sadly inform you that the Bicycle Stable is stopping services. Locals have been getting tune ups, super tune ups, or a whole new bike since 1959 at this historic and adorable location.

    But it can’t all be bad news, with it’s closure The Bicycle Stable is offering 20% off on their collection of top-quality bikes, including Bianchi, Globe, Marin, Surly, and Soma bikes. Sounds like a great excuse to take a fixed up pair of wheels for a spin at Penn-Treaty Park.

    In Fishtown, with every closed door, a new one opens right around the corner.

    3. Food: Fishtown’s Gone Fishing for More Green

    • Green Aisle Grocery – 11 West Girard

      Green Aisle Grocery
      Green Aisle Grocery

    If a second location of this adorable green gourmet food establishment isn’t exciting enough, the new Girard spot plans on having a baby herb and vegetable garden in the back that you can purchase produce from.Get geeked for easily accessible greenery!

    • Kensington Community Food Co-Op

    Since 2008, the Kensington Community Food Co-Op (FCFC) has been providing the community with locally grown, fresh quality foods and products. Benefits of being a member range from a voice in what they offer, to a discount at hundreds of local businesses like “Pizza Brain” or “CitySprouts Sustainable Services.”


    How do you get down with Fishtown? Tell us your fav local spots in the comments.

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