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    60s Throwback during Flower Show 2019

    Wanna take a time machine soon? Just head to the PA Convention Center.

    As soon as you step into the Philadelphia Flower Show, hear the Beatles and see a take of the LOVE Statue in neon flowers, you’ll want to check your iPhone to make sure you’re still living in the proper decade.

    As always, the exhibitors interpret this year’s Flower Power theme in their own way. However, there are more creative elements this year than in previous years. Instead of seeing an entire Eiffel Tower, the entrance draws you into another twist: alongside a hanging meadow with 8000 flowers is the FTD World Cup 2019 has 23 countries competing for the World Cup Champion.

    Through Sunday, designers will compete throughout the day with floral creations from themes to receive the prestigious trophy.

    Lina Roig, Spain’s competitor’s creation

    Playful Garden Views

    Rather than sticking to traditional presentations, less is more in at least one exhibit.

    As you walk by one display, you can catch a glimpse of a garden through cut-out holes in a wall. But when you decide to look closer, you can see an entire wonderland through a peephole.

    In another scene, mirrors and reflections play a greater role. Can you tell the difference between the lens and reflection in this one?

    Temple Students Share how to Live Responsibly in a “Hip Haven”

    Temple Students of the Landscape Architecture Junior Studio from the Ambler location shows ajuxtapositionn of urban life and nature, and shares tips how to respect nature within reclaimed materials, forage for foods and create a safe fire in their display. Much of the exhibit is made from repurposed from previous years, including the roof structure and windows.

    As Temple Student Henry Majdic said, ‘The exhibit tells people how to live more sustainably, like the tape on the mirrors has a bird line, because birds fly into windows in cities and that’s something you can do to stop that.

    Other calls to action include not using bottled water and go for tap, how to harvest your own food and other ideas.

    Plants as medicine… and with human characteristics

    From an educational perspective, this year’s flower show shares stories about plants throughout displays. One exhibit shares how plants can relieve stress and increase happiness. Another one has music playing, sharing how plants can hear, see and smell.

    Take a walk through the Herban Apotheka by the University of Delaware to learn about the healing power of plants. Handouts of cute hand-drawn plants include recipes for teas and lavender shortbread on the flip side.

    Philadelphia Flower Show 2019 Information

    March 2-10, 2019

    Pennsylvania Convention Center, 12th & Arch Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19107

    Get tickets, find special features and schedules on The Flower Show’s website.

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