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  • Fall Hike in the Wissahickon fall-hike-wissahickon Full view

    Fall Hike in the Wissahickon

    I’ve mentioned how I’m working with the Fairmount Park Conservancy for a little, and one of the job perks includes helping out with hikes & yoga. On Halloween, I took a hike led by Brad Maule in the Wissahickon, right in the peak Fall colors. It couldn’t be a more perfect time to appreciate the beauty of Autumn.

    wissahickon hike with fairmount park conservancy
    The big, happy group hiking with Fairmount Park Conservancy

    (We can reminiscence more as temps are dropping, right?!?)

    Let’s get this out there first and foremost: you can easily make it to hike in the Wissahickon within an hour from Center City. With 1800 acres of Wissahickon Valley Park, it extends from Chestnut Hill to Manayunk (7 miles!) You can choose your own adventure in more than 50 miles of trails.

    A few Philadelphians don’t even realize you can get TO the Wissahickon by public transit. Simply take the regional rail to a stop like Allen Lane Train Station, where you’ll exit and feel as though you’ve left the city. (Guess what! You haven’t. Technically.)

    Train station wissahickon Allen Lane Train Station

    Once we got into park, we discovered a place full of history, including abandoned buildings and this milestones from 1939.

    Wissahickon abandoned houses

    Once we got into the Wiss, there were moments I totally forgot where I was. Seeing people in the distance through the bright leaves reminded me of how other people did know this secret part of town.

    Hike wissahickon trails philadelphia pa

    We passed through by the infamous Devil’s Pool…

    Devils Pool Wissahickon PHiladelphia

    And had to maneuver carefully around a few of the trails.

    wissahickon hike rocks

    Thinking of visiting? There’s several trails to choose from, whether you bike or run from Forbidden Drive or enter from another point.

    hike and bike in the wissahickon philadelphia

    I mean, what are you waiting for?

    wissahickon river philadel;phia

    Readers, do you hike the Wissahickon? What are your favorite parts?



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