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  • Moore College's Jumpstart Faux Fur Exhibit

    Interested in perusing a unique and playful fashion display? Moore Students with their Faux Fur designs

    Philadelphia’s Moore College of Art & Design is currently displaying their Jumpstart Fashion Exhibit, selected pieces from their 14th annual Runway Show that ran at the end of September.  Moore partnered with Penn’s Veterinary School for the ‘Fashion Faux Paw’ theme to keep our four-legged friends out of our attire. IMG_0068Junior & senior students used recycled & reused “lying around unused” materials such as toothpicks, nails, sponges, bobby pins, Brillo pads, dusters, mops, plastic bags and cotton balls to create an intriguing collection of vests, skirts, leg warmers, and more.  Another cool aspect of this exhibit & collection is that students created pieces to make a statement. Student,Beatrice Davis, made a blood-red piece from homespun yarn, inspired by the negative extremes people go to with fur. (See left.)This exhibit isn’t Moore’s only eco-inspired project: Each spring, they have a ‘Trash Fashion Show’ made completely of recycled materials.  (This may remind you of the Zoolander “Derelicte” fashion show!)  


    Luckily these faux fur works won’t be retired soon – the pieces will be featured in a fashion show for Ground Zero Salon’s Benefit “Black & White with a Touch of Fur” in September 2010.  


    Want to see these talented students’ fashions, preparatory sketches & photographs?  Or, interested in what Moore’s other departments including Art Education, Graphic Design, Photography, and textile design have created?  Moore’s galleries at 20th & Ben Franklin Parkway are running until December 12, 2009.  The exhibit is free and open whenever the college is (M-F 11 Am – 7 PM or Sat 11 AM – 5 PM). 


    Moore Students post-fashion show
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