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    Philly Free Streets Returns: Walk the Streets Freely on October 28th

    The second annual Philly Free Streets is happening this Saturday, October 28.

    There will be a seven-mile radius completely car-free for you to bike, walk, skate basically whatever your heart desires – that doesn’t involve a car.

    Philly Free Streets is completely free and open to all ages of the public, from 8am-1pm.

    There is a Green City Activity Zone on N. 3rd Street and Germantown Avenue. Learn what makes Philly a green city from Philadelphia Water Department, The Office Of Sustainability and Inspire. and what they’re doing to plan for a greener future for Philly! You can also grab an Indego bike in this zone, too!

    Go here to find a complete list of things to do when Philly opens up their streets for the day!

    Philly Free Streets started when Pope Francis came to visit. Walking through the streets with no cars and being able to take in the beauty of the city can be a truly awe-inspiring experience.

    The movement grew when the Open Streets PHL team and the Philadelphia community advocated for this to be a yearly event. The Open Streets Movement claim to provide communities with free and accessible recreation and connecting communities together, improving public health.

    They encourage people to look at their city in a new light, without traffic and meeting each other in the streets without the busyness of everyday life.

    Hit the pavement and see Philly without traffic!


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