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  • Set Your Leaves to the Curb Starting Monday, Philly Pile-of-Leaves Full view

    Set Your Leaves to the Curb Starting Monday, Philly

    After last year’s successful drive, Philly is kicking off their 2011 Bagged Leaf Drive this Monday, November 7th through Friday, December 16th.

    Collected leaves are used for composting, for beautiful benefits like fertilizing gardens & nourishing trees… and wayyy better alternative to face-planting in a wet leaf pile. (Not like I’ve done this…)

    Here’s how to get your leaves collected:

    • Leaves will only be collected in biodegradable paper bags (to reduce contamination) – If it’s in plastic bags, it’s trash
    • Not mechanical leaf collection offered.
    • Set leaf bags curbside next to trash and recycling on your trash day
    • Do not mix trash or other recyclable materials with bagged leaves – they’ll be contaminated/trash.
    • Use as many bags as needed (Max 40 lbs. each.)
    • The Streets Department doesn’tt provide biodegradable bags – buy them at a local home improvement store.
    • No collections on city holidays.

    Bagged leaves may be taken to the following Sanitation Convenience Centers:

    • 3033 S. 63rd Street (63rd & Passyunk Ave.)
    • Domino Lane and Umbria Street
    • State Road and Ashburner Street

    For more Philly info, check the Streets Department’s Website.

    Posted by Julie

    **Disclaimer: we do not recommend nor condone jumping into leaf piles. Especially in Philly, where there could be trash, spoiled foods, rats, or hypodermic needles.

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