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    Top 5 Upcoming Races for People Who Don’t Race

    With the summer nearly half over, the initial thrill of being out of classes has worn off and I’ve recently found the need to keep myself busy. After about a day of brainstorming ideas about what projects I could embark on, I finally settled on one: running.

    Photo: Creative Commons
    Photo: Creative Commons

    I decided that the first step should be to set a goal and choose a race to train for; this way I’d be more likely to stick with it instead of discarding the idea after a week or two. But after asking around and googling “Philadelphia races”, I found that most races fell into one of two categories: either I had no hope of being able to complete them (no way can I run a 22K), or they weren’t that interesting.

    But there has to be fun races, right? After hearing of  unique races and friends having a blast,  the hunt began.

    So here it is: 5 races for people like me (beginners) or frequent racers. Each one of these races has something unique about it, whether that be the race or perks after finishing. So pick one and get training with me!

    5 Fun Philly Races this Summer:

    1. Hot Run in the Summertime (5K)On August 2nd, Hot Run in the Summertime has a brand new course to run, taking participants through a scenic route located in Woodbury, NJ. However, it’s the after party that makes this race unique. All runners get to attend the summer cookout party after the race at Charlie Brown’s fresh grill, where they get one free beverage as well as hot dogs, hamburgers, wraps, and vegetarian dishes. A DJ, party games, contests, and giveaways makes this race one worthwhile! Register here for just $40.
    2. Race Smart (4-6 miles)On August 9th, be sure to come to Center City for a unique race that will take you all over the city. Teams of 2-4 are given clues that take you to a location where team members will have to complete a physical
      Photo: Creative Commons
      Photo: Creative Commons

      challenge in order to move on. At the end, teams race to the finish line for the chance to win one of three cash prizes! Afterwards, all participants get a “swag bag” as well as snacks. Register here for just $40.

    3. LoziLu Women’s Mud Run (5K)On August 9th, LoziLu invites women to come conquer obstacles, climb nets and walls, descend massive slides, dance, and sludge through mud in addition to running their 5K. There are a variety of courses for all fitness levels, and participants are free to skip anything they’re uncomfortable with. Stick around after for a medal, pictures, free samples at the Fitness Farmer’s Market, and rejuvenating at the Salon. Register here for only $70.
    4. Color Me Rad (5K) – On August 30th, come out in all white to the Wells Fargo Center for Color Me Rad. At each section
      Photo: Creative Commons
      Photo: Creative Commons

      of the race, runners are pelted with a new shade of color bombs until they cross the finish line looking like a rainbow! All participants get to warm up with Zumba and leave with a free T-shirt. Register here for only $25.

    5. The Undy Run (5K)On September 13th, join the Caner Alliance on MLK Drive for the Undy Run! Runners race in their boxers to bring attention to those who are affected by colon cancer. Individuals and teams with the best costumes are nominated for prizes at the awards ceremony after the race! Register here for only $30.


    Running readers – what have your favorite races been? Are you participating in any of these upcoming runs?

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