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    Where Can I Get a Recycling Bin in Philadelphia? WCI Weds

    where can you pick up recycling bins in Philadelphia?(UPDATED! Rockstar readers gave us a few more!) I’ve had a few friends move and therefore ask this question lately: Where can I get a recycling bin?

    Where to Get a Recycling Bin in Philadelphia

    Recycling bins are FREE to city residents and you can pick them up (easy peasy) Monday – Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM at the following Sanitation Convenience Centers:

    • Southwest Philadelphia (3033 S. 63rd St., near Passyunk Ave. ), 215-685-4290 
    • Northwest Philadelphia (300 block Domino Lane, near Umbria St.), 215-685-2502
    • Northeast Philadelphia (State Rd. & Ashburner St.), 215-685-8072
    • SOSNA (South of South Neighbors Association), 1901 Christian St.., 215-732-8446 (** I know SOSNA is out currently, but should be getting more SOON! **)
    • NLNA (Northern Liberties Neighbors Association), 700 N. 3rd St., 215-627-6562
    • HACE (Hispanic Association of Contractors and Enterprises), 2708 North 5th Street.

    If you prefer, you can use any rigid (AKA metal or sturdy plastic) household container (no larger than 32 gallons) but must write “RECYCLING” on it. Also, don’t use paper bags, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, etc. as recycling containers. (Cardboard boxes end up wet, split open & make a huge mess on your sidewalk.)

    Make sure to sign up for Philadelphia’s Recycling Rewards Program when you get your blue bin, too!

    The Philadelphia Recycling Office hands out freebie bins, too! Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to see when free bins are coming to your hood.

    Unsure of what to recycle in Philadelphia? Download our free printable guide for the do’s & don’ts:

    Photo: South of South & Featured image: Green Philly


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