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  • City Rising 8: How Philly is Going Zero Waste with Nic Esposito nic-esposito-9 Full view

    City Rising 8: How Philly is Going Zero Waste with Nic Esposito

    How does Philadelphia tackle litter problems? We talk with Philadelphia’s Zero Waste and Litter Director, Nic Esposito, to discuss Philly’s litter problem, zero waste, recycling problems, our disposable culture and more in this episode of City Rising. Tune in to learn:

    – Why is Philly focusing on zero waste and litter initiatives?
    – What is the Zero waste and Litter index?
    – How Nic Esposito became the zero waste and litter Director
    – A major misconception about who litters
    – What is the litter index?
    – Why isn’t Philly focusing on street sweeping?
    – Broom Gangs
    – What you can and can’t recycle in Philadelphia
    – What other cities are getting on board with zero waste

    City Rising Episode 8: Zero Waste with Nic Esposito

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