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    Where Can I Recycle Empty Deodorant Sticks in Philadelphia

    Recycling empty deodorant sticks can be confusing – some deodorant sticks can even be made from two different kinds of plastic!

    Most deodorant sticks are made of #2, #4, and/or #7 plastics. The good news is, almost ALL deodorant sticks can actually be recycled.

    So where can you recycle empty deodorant sticks?

    Can you recycle empty deodorant sticks in philadelphia?

    The answer is most of the time you can just dump that deodorant stick right into the recycling bin. Follow these easy steps and you should be recycling your deodorant properly.

    • Check the your deodorant stick to make sure the plastic number is #1, #2, #4, #5, or #7. Sometimes this number won’t be on the bottom – you may have to take your deodorant stick apart.
    • Clean the residue from your deodorant out before putting it in the recycling bin – we don’t want to contaminate the recycling!
    • Put your empty, clean deodorant stick in with your regular curb side recycling!

    Another fun and environmentally friendly option would be to continue to reuse your deodorant container and make your own deodorant! Here is a fun summer deodorant recipe!

    Not into making your own? Local companies like Piperwai give a local and worthy alternative.


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