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    Can You Recycle Pizza Boxes in Philadelphia? WCI Weds

    OK, ok. As a Lorenzo’s lover, I have to address this question.

    You order pizza, enjoy the pizza, and then think: “Is this recycleable?” We’re addressing this today in our Where Can I Wednesday column, since I receive this question all the time.

    Can you recycle pizza boxes in Philadelphia?

    The short answer is no.

    Essentially throwing your greasy pizza boxes in the ‘bin instead of trash, you’re actually doing a party foul. So no, you can NOT recycle the pizza boxes with grease on them – they taint the recycling process.(Get the full explanation from Earth 911.)

    A work around for your green guilt is to cut the greasy parts from the box off and throw them in the trash, and recycle the rest of the box.

    Or, just visit your favorite local spot and order pizza there. No box, no problem.

    With that being said, who’s down for Nomad later?!

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