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    Introducing Philacycle: the New City Recycling Program

    Mayor Kenney, Philadelphia Streets Department, and Recyclebank announced Philacycle, the newest program to get the city to Zero Waste.

    Philacycle: Helping Philadelphia to Get to Zero Waste

    Philacycle replaces the previous city programs by combining them all into one: Philadelphia Recycling Rewards, Recyclebank and the Office of Sustainability’s Waste Watcher’s Program. The program includes points for recycling and educational opportunities about waste reduction on the Philacycle website, “Philacyclers,” trained volunteers who educate residents about waste reduction and at events, and a new app.Philacycle website screenshot

    The Philacycle website includes ways to live green, earn points, Philadelphia events where you can volunteer, an area you can redeem awards (including magazines, restaurants, kid-friendly ideas and charity donations).

    There is also a shopping section on the website, where you can use points to receive 25% off. Current listings include brands like Tom’s of Maine, Jason Natural Products and Seventh Generation. (At first glance, the product standards seem pretty on point with considering the life cycle of products, certifications like B Corps/ Cradle to Cradle and smart packaging.) They also list ingredients

    Even though it may seem odd to have shopping on a Zero Waste website, it’s important to think about what types of products we buy.

    Nic Esposito, Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet Director shared, “As Philacyclers model best practices for waste diversion, we hope that the people they reach will begin to think consciously about what it is they are using from the moment of purchase through to its final use.” 

    The Mayor, along with Nic Esposito, Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet Director, Streets Commissioner Carlton Williams and others announced the program yesterday (on America Recycles Day) at the ReCommunity Recycling Plant in South Philadelphia.

    What is Zero Waste?

    As Nic Esposito shared with Green Philly earlier this year, Philly joined other major cities like New York City, Los Angeles around the US and the world in declaring a Zero Waste Goal. The goal includes diverting 90% of the city’s waste out of landfills by 2035. The city debuted the Zero Waste and Litter Action Plan in August, to share the roadmap of how it can be achieved.

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