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    Reader Question: Are Plastic Bags EVER OK in Recycling Bins?

    We have another reader question in today’s Where Can I Wednesday.

    I put my recycling in a white plastic trash bag in my blue Philly recycle bin. The trashman always pick it up. I do this because it’s neater. This keeps the can cleaner. Is this acceptable? My recycling is always picked up except for this past Friday it was not. Was this just an oversight or is new recycle policy being enforced in Philly? Thank you. – Bagged in Philly

    Dear Bagged in Philly,

    No. You should never put plastic bags – regardless of size, shape, color, gender, etc., – in single-stream recycling bins (i.e. the free City of Philadelphia blue ones.) Plastic bags get caught in the MRF when processing single stream recycling.

    This video shows how plastic bags get caught (Just replace Chicago with EVERY city):

    Select grocery stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Acme, MOMs take plastic bags outside/in their entrance.

    – Green Philly

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