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    Where to Recycle Leaves in Philadelphia 2017

    It’s that time of year again. It’s getting colder and the leaves are changing colors. It’s beautiful.

    Then the leaves fall off and we have to rake them – but in the city that often ends up on concrete and sidewalks. So what should we do with our leaves after we rake them?

    Here’s your 2017 guide to leaf recycling.

    Philadelphia 2017 Leaf Recycling Guide

    The 2017 Philly Leaf Recycling Program begins (today!) Monday, November 6 and goes until Saturday, December 16.

    First, a few tips:

    • Don’t leave them with your trash! They get collected as trash, not composted, and a green angel cries a million tears*.
    • You can only use paper bags.
    • LEAVES ONLY. No slipping your other recyclables or trash in there!
    • Use ALL THE BAGS! As long as there 40 lbs each max.
    • Get your bags at the hardware store. The Streets Department does not provide bags so get on over to your LOCAL hardware store.

    *Exaggeration for guilt

    Where to drop your leaves in Philadelphia:

    *Bagged leaf drop-off will be offered city-wide on Saturdays (minus November 11th and 25th) at 23 designated locations from 9 AM to 3 PM for the duration of the program.

    • 66th & Haverford Ave.
    • 54th & Woodbine Ave.
    • 43rd & Powelton Ave.
    • 72nd & Buist Ave.
    • Broad & Christian St.
    • 20th & Hartranft St.
    • 15th & Bigler St.
    • Corinthian & Poplar St.
    • American & Thompson St.
    • Graver Lane & Seminole
    • Cathedral & Ridge Ave.
    • Washington Ln. & Ardleigh
    • Upsal & Lowber St.
    • Wayne Ave. & Logan St.
      Fisher & Ogontz Ave.
    • 5th & Chelten Ave. (water reservoir)
    • Castor & Foulkrod St.
    • 1400 Cottman – Pennway & Cottman Ave. (Jardel Rec.)
    • 2901 Princeton Ave. (Mayfair Rec.)
    • 7901 Ridgeway St. (Fox Chase Rec.)
    • 8101 Bustleton Ave.
    • 2900 Comly Rd. – Palmer Playground
    • 7231 Torresdale Ave. – Russo Park

    OR you can drop your leaves at the Sanitation Convenience Centers:

    • 3033 S. 63rd Street (63rd & Passyunk Ave.)
    • Domino Lane and Umbria Street
    • State Road and Ashburner Street
    • 2601 W. Glenwood Avenue
    • 51st and Grays Avenue
    • Delaware Avenue & Wheatsheaf Lane

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