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    Where to Recycle Old Shoes

    We wear them on our feet but then what do we do when their work is done?

    Although there are a lot of places that will accept gently used shoes, your beat-up Nikes or Toms may be harder to find a new home. Shoes can be pretty tricky to recycle because a lot of programs lean towards donation and reuse.

    No fear, dear readers. One of our new fav markets has an expansive recycling center. We’ll also share a few places that you can drop off gently-worn shoes.

    Where to Recycle Old Shoes

    If your shoes are unwearable, MOMs Organic Market accepts and recycles old shoes. MOMS takes “both new and worn-out/unwearable shoes including sneakers, sandals, and other footwear” and ask if they have laces, to tie them together to make it easy-peasy.

    If you want to donate shoes that are wearable:

    • Donate them to a local thrift shop like Philly Aids Thrift
    • Consign them to a local shop like Greene Street.
    • Soles4Souls will accept up to 15 pairs of gently worn shoes – and you can ship them (thanks to Zappos!) for free. This is an ideal locale if you’re not in a walkable area/nearby one of the above locations. Find out more info on their website.


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