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    Where is a Recycling center near me?

    Whether you’re moving or trying to get those end-of-year house cleaning done, you may wonder, ‘where is the closest recycling center near me?’ if trash day seems so far away.

    Recycling is an essential piece of sustainability. It reduces the amount of waste that’s sentenced to landfills (where it will just sit and not decompose), conserves natural resources, prevents pollution, saves energy and helps create jobs in recycling centers. It’s estimated that there are 1.57 jobs created per every 1000 tons of materials recycled.

    Philadelphia is an enthusiastic city for recycling. In 2017, Philadelphia kicked off the Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet led by Nic Esposito, establishing a goal of diverting 90% of waste out of landfills. Currently, Philadelphia diverts 21% of waste from landfills.

    So how can you help increase that recycling number and not just sentence your waste to a landfill? Fear not, dear reader! This is another problem we can solve in today’s Where Can I Wednesday.

    Where are the closest Recycling Centers Near Me?

    If you’re trying to drop off residential trash and recycling, you can use city facilities and discard your former goods free of charge.

    If you live in Philadelphia city proper, the city Sanitation Convenience Centers are available and free for residents. All locations are open Monday-Saturday, 8 AM – 6 PM, minus holidays. Make sure to bring proof that you’re a city resident for when you drop off your recycling.

    The sanitation and recycling centers are located in the following areas

    The sanitation convenience centers are located throughout the city, but a little outside of Center City.

    • Port Richmond (3901 Delaware Ave.)
    • West Philadelphia (5100 Grays Ave.)
    • Strawberry Mansion (2601 W. Glenwood Ave.)
    • Southwest Philadelphia (3033 S. 63rd St., near Passyunk Ave.)
    • Northwest Philadelphia (300 block Domino Lane, near Umbria St.)
    • Northeast Philadelphia (State Rd. & Ashburner St.)

    These sanitation and recycling centers accept all recyclable materials, yard waste, e-waste, bulk items, automotive tires, paint cans, Christmas trees, mattresses, and more.

    You can enter the sanitation yards using personal vehicles or trucks or rental trucks (i.e., U-Haul rentals for moving day).

    Private recycling near me

    The city of Philadelphia maintains a contract to pick up the waste at a specific facility. Here is a listing of the recycling facilities nearby:

    Recommunity Recycling is located in Greys Ferry, Philadelphia at 2904 Ellsworth Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146. Recommunity currently holds the recycling contract with the city of Philadelphia, so your recycling will end up here when you place it curbside. The single-stream facility sorts the recycling into types of waste, and compile into bales for sale.

    Waste Management Philadelphia MRF is located at 5201 Bleigh Ave, Philadelphia 19136. Waste Management used to hold the city recycling contract, but no longer holds one. You must have a landfill account with Waste Management in order to drop off to this location.

    Organic Recycling Near Me

    If you have yard waste like leaves, grass clippings, wood chips, brush and herbivore manure, Philadelphia city residents may go to the Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center at 3850 Ford Road. Residents can also pick up compost, mulch, wood chips and herbivore manure. Have a fireplace or camping nearby? Logs are also available for cutting into firewood for no charge.

    If you’re looking to recycle food waste, Philadelphia currently has private composting facilities. Our go-to is Circle Compost, which picks up your food scraps, laundry lint, and eggshells by bicycle.

    Computer & Electronic Recycling Centers Near Me

    Due to a change in PA law, you can’t toss your electronic waste in your general trash anymore. However, you can drop off your e-waste at a Philadelphia sanitation center or find a private provider like one of the following:

    Desktop Disposal will pick up your used computers, electronics, copiers and more.

    EForce Recycling is another private electronics and computer recycling company, located in Philadelphia at 3114 Grays Ferry Avenue. Eforce offers residents and townships to hold collection drives.

    Commercial Recycling

    If you’re trying to do a more substantial construction and need to rent a dumpster or drop off waste, Revolution Recovery specializes in construction and industrial materials recycling. Revolution Recovery accepts materials including wood, metal, drywall, rubble, cardboard, plastic, ceiling tile, paper, and carpet.

    Recycling Do’s & Don’ts

    Before you head to recycle your former goods, make sure you know what you can and can’t recycle by reviewing our Philadelphia Recycling Guide. You can also download a free PRINTABLE version here.

    Philadelphia City Residents can also get a FREE recycling bin to make collection day easier, including at the sanitation convenience and recycling centers.

    Regardless of the purpose, we hope this helps you find a convenient recycling center!

    Readers, do you have any additional recycling tips?

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