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    Guide to Scrap Metal Recycling in Philadelphia

    One of the most recyclable materials is metal.

    Metal (and scrap metal) can range from a variety of items: from cans, copper, automobiles, pipes, gutters, and appliances such as refrigerators. Recycling scrap metal is a recovery process, which involves the recovery and processing of scrap metal.

    Why Choose Scrap Metal Recycling?

    Choosing to recycle scrap metal also cuts its carbon footprint. The Institute of Scrap Recycling states that recycling scrap metal may reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 200 million tons and use 40 percent less water according to the National Institutes of Health.

    Products that are made from recycled metal use less energy and reduce carbon emissions. In 2008, approximately 150 million tons of scrap metal was recycled, which is 40% of the metals now used in manufacturing.

    Plus, scrap metal recycling created jobs locally: people need to collect, sort, process and recycle the material.

    What is Scrap Metal Worth?

    First things first: is there a value for scrap metal?

    Scrap Metal prices fluctuate in the same way that gold and silver do, on a daily basis. Currently, copper is worth $2.62/lb, Aluminum is .35-.45 cents/lb and Brass is $1.65/lb. A good way to find out how much your metal is worth is to check out websites like Scrap Register, which give you a current price per pound.

    Non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and bronze are actually worth money at scrap yards. Although ferrous metals such as steel and iron are not worth anything, they can still be recycled at scrap yards too!

    Guide to Selling Scrap Metal locally

    The worth of the metal is measured in weight—the more you have, the higher of a payout you’ll receive. So stock it up before you cash in and check out the iScrap app for approximate prices around the Philadelphia area.

    How much money you will for selling scrap metal has different factors, such as how easy it is to dismantle and load the material, what kind of content you are trying to sell and the going rates on any given day.

    If you have just one or two small pieces, you can transport that material any way into the scrap yard. But for big appliances and industrial materials, it is suggested you use a pickup truck, to allow easy removal.

    So big or small, there are options for getting rid of scrap metal around Philadelphia. Making a little extra cash doesn’t hurt either!

    Where can you recycle scrap metal near you:

    There are many scrap metal yards in the Philly area that will accept your materials. Here are just a few of the Google top-rated scrap metal yards in Philadelphia:

    Sullivan’s Scrap Metal

    2710 E. Westmoreland St., Philadelphia, PA 19134
    451 Oakdale Ave., Hatboro, PA 19040

    Sullivans offers industrial and personal services. They buy scrap metal from dealers throughout the mid-Atlantic region, offer to pick up and have containment services for professional services as well.

    They accept:

    • Copper
    • Aluminum
    • Brass Bronze
    • Stainless steel
    • Lead
    • Batteries
    • Scrap Iron and steel
    • Nickel and high-temperature alloys
    • Electronics
    • Radiators

    Morris Iron & Steel

    271 W. Berks St. Philadelphia PA
    7345 Milnor St. Philadelphia PA

    Morris Iron & Steel specialize in Steel and Stainless steel scrap. They directly supply materials to steel mills. They pick up for industrial clients within a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia.

    Morris Iron & Steel will accept:

    • Ferrous Material
    • Light Iron & Appliances
    • Cast Iron
    • Heavy Scrap
    • Steel Turnings
    • Steel Scrap
    • Stainless Steel
    • Nickel Alloys
    • All Stainless grades
    • Nickel Alloys and Tool Steel

    Nicholas Scrap Metal Inc.

    3812 Old York Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19140

    Nicholas’ Scrap Metal Inc. offers up to the minute pricing for all accepted product, and also offer container and pickup services for big job sites. Nicholas’ also does consultation services to figure out the best way to recycle your larger materials.

    Nicholas Scrap Metal Inc. accepts:

    • Aluminum
    • Copper
    • Brass
    • Wires
    • Iron/Steel
    • Lead/Batteries

    S.D. Richman Sons

    2435 Wheatsheaf Ln., Philadelphia PA

    As one of the oldest scrap metal buyers in Philadelphia, S.D. Richman Sons are a family owned and operated business. They can assist with pickup within 24 hours and offer container services for industrial clients.

    S.D. Richman Sons accepts:

    • Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Copper
    • Stainless Steel
    • Insulated wire
    • Lead
    • Nickel Alloy
    • Other Metals

    You can also take oversized appliances to one of the six Philadelphia sanitation centers around the city to be recycled.

    scrap metal yard: common Restricted Materials

    Before you take your materials to a scrap metal yard or Philadelphia City sanitation centers, make sure you remove any restricted elements.

    Most scrap metal yards will not take the following materials:

    • Non-metallic materials; including wood, cement, asphalt, dirt, tires, oils, and fluids
    • Materials containing CFC’s
    • Materials containing asbestos
    • Radiation containing and radiation emitting materials
    • Batteries that are cracked, leaking, or no longer intact
    • Pressurized cylinders
    • Hazardous materials of any kind

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