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    Where Can I Compost in Philly?

    With Dirt Factory debuting in University City this week, everyone’s talking about composting.

    Composting is important because it diverts waste for the landfill (where your kitchen scraps would emit more methane when they break down) and also provide essential nutrients to the soil. The good news is that you can compost in a few places in Philadelphia, whether you drop it off or have a composting service. Regardless of where you live, where can you turn your orange peels & egg shells into plant-satisfying goodness?

    It’s easy to get started – you can divert most of your kitchen waste, along with leaves, dryer lint, pet hair and more.

    where to compost in Philly – drop off:

    • Dirt Factory: You can drop off your compostable bagged leaves & wood chips to Dirt Factory on 4308 Market Street on Wednesdays from 5-6 PM.  University City residents can drop-off compostable material for a low monthly fee (Contact Pedal Co-Op at 507-581-4421).
    • Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center accepts your leaves and composts them for free!  You can also get free compost here, too.
    • Philly Compost provides neighborhood scale composting in Fishtown, at a central site in the neighborhood.

    Philadelphia residential Composting Services

    Want to get compost picked up from your house? Use one of these residential services:

    • Circle Compost offers residential pickup for $15/month. They pick up via bike (where possible) and give back to community gardens.
    • Bennett Compost also picks up compost from your house for $15/month.
    • Pedal Co-op is apparently a steal at $10/month for weekly OR bi-weekly compost pickups

    Philadelphia Commercial Composting Companies

    Do you want your business’s waste to be recycled? These companies are the choices in town:

    • Philly Compost also offers commercial composting.
    • Organic Diversion offers commercial solutions.

    Businesses can contact these various groups for quotes.

    DIY COmposting in philadelphia

    Want to start composting on your own? Here’s a few resources to get started.

    • Crazy About Compost: Composting expert Tyler Weaver helps educate Philadelphians about best composting practices. He’s a speaker, develops composting programs and offers business coaching.
    • Worm Factory and similar companies have compact models perfect for urbanites.

    How can you personally compost instead of stuffing foods in their afterlife down your garbage disposal?

    How to Compost has tips and guides for you.


    Readers, how do you compost?

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