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    Where to Recycle Antifreeze

    Ahh, antifreeze. One of those many products you need for your car.

    Although it helps lower the freezing point and prevents overheating, antifreeze also protects against corrosion, heat transfer and more. But then it’s done, what do you do? Whether you don’t need it anymore or have an old batch, this is one item you don’t want to dump down the drain or throw outside. So can you recycle it? What’s the best solution?

    Can you recycle Antifreeze in Philadelphia?

    Antifreeze is not recyclable in a traditional sense, per say. It’s a hazardous material and very poisonous, so be careful.

    The good news is that Philadelphia accepts antifreeze at Househouse Hazardous Waste Events, which they host several times each year. Visit the Philadelphia Streets department website to find upcoming events in the city.

    How to dispose of Antifreeze in greater Philadelphia area

    Not in city limits? Good news! The counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia have partnered together to host 30+ events throughout the area each year.

    Here’s a map of locations & dates:

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