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    Where Can I Recycle Electronics in Philadelphia

    As of January 2013, Pennsylvania made it illegal to ditch your electronics curbside. So what can you do with all of your tricky electronics to recycle?

    Lucky for you, my dear reader – we have Where can I Wednesday to answer that for you. (Note: Make sure to call the business before bringing e-waste, as this list is liable to change.)

    Where to Recycle Electronics in Philadelphia

    • eForce Recycling (3114 Grays Ferry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19146) accepts electronics and assures that the highest environmental value is achieved (and that all obsolete material is demanufactured onsite).
    • Philadelphia Sanitation Convenience Centers: accept E-waste, including computers, monitors, televisions, and other computer-related equipment. Here’s a list of the Philadelphia locations.
    • Best Buy: (2300 S Columbus Blvd, 2130 Route 70, Cherry Hill NJ) accepts most electronic recycling for no charge. Exceptions apply.
    • Staples (1500 Chestnut Street, 19102; Staples – 1300 S Columbus Blvd) accepts many electronics for free recycling. Check the full list.

    Need to recycle your laptop or computer? We have an entire list of where to recycle your laptop in Philadelphia, including the popular Nonprofit Technology Resources.

    Keep your eyes peeled for eForce’s “Recycle anything with a Plug” events in the city & ‘burbs – they happen often!

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