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    Where to Recycle Used Textiles & Clothes – Including Retailer Drop-offs

    OK, ok. So we previously gave a guide on how to recycle used clothes (including reusing old clothes as rags, etc.)

    With more clothing donation and recycling programs popping up, it’s time that we revisit this topic. (Plus, tidying up is so HOT right now.) Here’s where you can recycle your old clothes.

    Sell or Consign Clothes in Good Shape

    For those clothes that you wore a few times, or still have the tags on, or are on “trend” (often up to the consignment store’s discretion), you can probably earn a few bucks for your threads.

    • The Buffalo Exchange gives you cash for your clothes but has guidelines with trends, seasons & conditions.
    • Greene Street also has consignment opportunities at its many Philadelphia locations, where you get paid after the item sells.
    • You can sell clothes on Poshmark or thredUP. Here are tips on how to sell on Poshmark like a pro.
    • Not exactly selling, but you can also participate in a clothing swap. Groups around the city often have them, or host one with firends.

    First Step: Donate Used Clothing

    One great option is to donate used clothes.

    • Philly Aids Thrift accepts using clothing, shoes & accessories, among many other items during regular business hours, 7 days a week. 710 S 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147.
    • The Career Wardrobe accepts many clothing donations like business suits, professional outfits, accessories, gently warn shows, medical professional wear and more.  Career Wardrobe, 1822 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, M-F 10-4 PM. Other locations & guidelines on the Career Wardrobe website. 
    • Goodwill is the ultimate one-stop shop for clothing (and almost anything) donations. Located at 2601 Front Street, Philadelphia, PA.
    • The Purple Heart picks up clothing donations straight from your door.
    • Planet Aid has clothes & shoes donation bins across the city. Visit their website to find the closest location to you.
    • Donation Town’s website will help you schedule a clothing pickup based on your zipcode with eligible charities.
    • Circle Thrift over on 2233 Frankford Ave or at 1125 S. Broad St.

    Where to Recycle Old Clothes (talkin’ about those torn socks & undies)

    You can drop off clothes from various brands at these retailers, with locations in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. (Click the websites to find a location near you, and call ahead to make sure their bins are in order.)

    Patagonia’s Worn Wear repairs, shares and recycles old gear.

    H&M recycles clothing, any brand, from anywhere. They also recycle textiles – you can bring your sheets, towels or curtains, too. Just don’t drop shoes, bags or jewelry in H&M’s recycle bin. You’ll get at 15% off coupon if you drop off a bag.

    Madewell recycles jeans and gives you $20 off a new pair.

    The North Face‘s Clothes the Loop welcomes used clothes and footwear at the North Face Retail and OUtlet stores, giving you $10 off a $100 purhcase.

    Have gently-used bras? The Bra Recyclers supports women and girls in need. Find drop-off locations (or how to mail them in) on their website.

    Soles4Souls accepts used shoes. Find drop-off or mail-in locations.

    Nike will take your own shoes, repurposing them into athletic fields & places to play. Find a drop-off location near you.

    Uniqlo also accepts used clothing to distribute to refugees, disaster victims, or recycled into paper or plastic fuel pellets for fuel.

    Any other consignment shops or resellers to note? Tell us in the comments.

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