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  • UC Green Treecycling @ Malcolm X Park

    December 28, 20180

    UC Green will be recycling live holiday trees to mulch Malcolm X Park trees or the mulch can be taken…

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    Where to Recycle That Christmas Tree

    December 26, 20180

    Where can you recycle your christmas tree? Find all the pickup, drop off and range of options.

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    How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree 2018

    January 3, 20180

    Now that we’ve kicked off the new year, it’s time to take down the holly and decorations to make room for…

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    Where to Recycle Christmas Trees 2016

    December 28, 20160

    It’s time to rip down the holly, bright lights and recycle your tree. Don’t throw your Christmas tree to the…

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    Treecycling 2016: Where to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

    January 6, 20160

    It’s that time of the year: to take down the decorations and recycle your Christmas Tree! Here’s a list of…

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    Where to Recycle Christmas Trees 2015: WCI Weds

    December 31, 20142

    When you unstring your lights and pack up the ornaments this year, don’t you dare dream of tossing your tree…

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    Philadelphia Christmas Tree Recycling: 2013-2014

    December 30, 20133

    Happy holidays, readers! Now that you're finished unwrapping those gifts, it's time to start thinking about what to do with…

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    Christmas Tree Recycling 2013: Philadelphia Program Returns – WCI

    December 26, 20121

    How can you take those dying Christmas trees with all the pine needles and turn them into a greener 2nd…

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