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  • City Rising 9: How San Francisco Takes on Composting, Fast Fashion & More with Alexa Kielty

    January 23, 20190

    How does the “greenest” city in America divert compost and clothes from landfills? Alexa Kielty, Zero Wast Specialist of San…

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    City Rising 8: How Philly is Going Zero Waste with Nic Esposito

    November 21, 20180

    How does Philadelphia tackle litter problems? We talk with Philadelphia’s Zero Waste and Litter Director, Nic Esposito, to discuss Philly’s…

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    City Rising 7: How CUSP is making Climate Change Education FUN with Richard Johnson

    November 14, 20180

    How is Philly preparing for climate change? One group, the Climate & Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP), motivates residents to learn…

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    City Rising 6: How Orlando is Reimagining its City’s Reputation with Chris Castro

    November 7, 20180

    On this episode of City Rising, we continue the conversation about how city government is taking the lead on climate…

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    City Rising 5: How Philly is Combatting Climate Change with Christine Knapp

    October 31, 20180

    On this episode of City Rising, we explore what local government is doing to mitigate the impacts of climate change,…

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    City Rising 4: Greening Buildings with Philadelphia 2030 District

    October 24, 20180

    Alex Dews, Director of Green Building United, joins us to talk about the Philadelphia 2030 District, with goals including 50%…

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    City Rising 3: Renewable Energy Jobs with Emily Schapira

    October 17, 20180

    On this Episode of City Rising, we take an in-depth look into the green job landscape, the future of work…

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    City Rising 2: The Future of Green Buildings with Angelica Ciranni

    October 10, 20180

    How can we make the buildings in which we live, work and play more sustainable? With over 410 MILLION square…

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    City Rising 1: Green Careers: Find Jobs, Keep Employees & Future Workforce with Dan Smolen

    October 3, 20180

    Episode 1 of City Rising is live! What is meaningful work? How do I set myself up for a rewarding…

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    We’re Launching a Podcast! Meet City Rising

    September 24, 20180

    Pssst. We have a secret that’s out of the bag. If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen…

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