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  • Where to Recycle a stainless steel pot or pan?

    December 5, 20180

    “What is the best way to recycle a stainless steel pot or pan.  I am asking about a pan that…

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    Dining from The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook & Author Q & A

    April 25, 20180

    Spending time in the kitchen can do wonders. Beyond knowing what’s in your food, preparing a homecooked meal can build trust,…

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    Eco-Spirituality Weekend at Cranaleith Spiritual Center

    February 12, 20180

    We come to winter’s edge on the cusp of spring…this is an invitation to take time to savor the barrenness…

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    Friday Quickie: Boil it & ConServe

    April 27, 20121

    The average US household uses 130,000 gallons of water per year. Therefore, anytime you can conserve H2O helps the cause.…

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    Quick Tip: Defrost Food & Lower Costs

    November 23, 20100

    Do you plan ahead by defrosting food on the counter or use a microwave 5 minutes before dinnertime? (OR if…

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    Vote for Chef Stephanie Krzywanski & Kimberton in Sears Chef Challenge!

    July 7, 20103

    Vote for a local chef AND benefit local Camphill Village Kimberton Hills! Stephanie McKeon Krzywanski, Phoenixville resident, personal chef and…

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    Quick Tip: Nuke it Baby

    September 24, 20080

    Don’t feel guilty using your microwave for those simple, on-the-go meals. Cooking & reheating using your microwave is not only…

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