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  • City Rising 7: How CUSP is making Climate Change Education FUN with Richard Johnson

    November 14, 20180

    How is Philly preparing for climate change? One group, the Climate & Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP), motivates residents to learn…

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    Meet the 2018 SustainPHL Nominees: Climate Hero

    August 9, 20180

    Our three nominees for Climate Hero of the Year are combating climate change through communications and large-scale initiatives & programs.…

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    Mark Your Calendars: We’re Hosting a Roundtable!

    July 23, 20180

    We don’t need to tell you: Philadelphia is getting hotter and wetter, thanks to rising global temperatures. But the city…

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    Are these Bomb Cyclones & Weird Temps Climate Change?

    January 12, 20182

    Remember when winter was so warm that we (almost) celebrated climate change? With a recent cold snap and bomb cyclone,…

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    What are the Paris Climate Talks?

    November 25, 20150

    Paris has been in the news the past few weeks due to the horrific terrorist attacks on the city. Although…

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    What Volunteering with Rebuilding Together Philadelphia Taught Me about Saving Energy

    October 26, 20150

    Guest author Russell Zerbo volunteered with Rebuilding Philadelphia Together and was able to learn more about Pennsylvania Housing and saving…

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    Pope Verde: Why We Love Pope Francis in Philly – (And You Should, Too!)

    September 24, 20150

    Post by Dr. Raluca Ellis for CUSP. Dr. Raluca Ellis is the Environmental Scientist for The Franklin Institute and Program…

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    Sustainable Groups Unite at CUSP Climate City

    September 4, 20150

    CUSP is made up of over 40 local Philly organizations, who are all passionate about engaging Philadelphians in learning about…

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    3 Reasons Why Your Brain is Wired to Ignore Climate Change

    August 27, 20150

      (Or Psychology of Climate Change) Post by Dr. Raluca Ellis for CUSP. Raluca Ellis is the Environmental Scientist for…

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    There’s a Sweatuation in Philly: Let’s talk about Swugs, Sweck & Climate Change.

    August 14, 20151

    What happens when 40 local organizations get together to create a campaign to raise awareness about climate change? You get…

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