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  • Temple Students “Swipe Out Hunger” in Philly

    April 8, 20190

    During AaronRey Ebreo’s freshman year at Temple University in 2016, he noticed someone carrying boxes of food out of Morgan…

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    2018 Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival

    February 26, 20180

    Our mission is to bring the planet to Philadelphia through the power of environmental films. Jurors have reviewed 250 film…

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    Where to Donate Food in Philly

    August 31, 20160

    Ahh, food waste. What to do… Earlier this year, I was at a farewell party for a leader at my…

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    Considering Waste: Tomatoes & Ice Bucket Challenges

    August 20, 20140

    In our family, it was infamous. Before my birth, my rebellious brothers decided to smash a bucket full of tomatoes onto…

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    Food Waste Math: How a City Girl Started Helping from Home (and you can too!)

    February 25, 20131

    “Spare some change so I can get some food?” The man on the corner, aged beyond his years covered with…

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    Friday Quickie: Avoid Losing 40% (or $1300) in Wasted Food

    August 24, 20120

    40% of the food in the US is never eaten and thrown away, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council in a report released…

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    Friday Quickie: Take a Little Less

    February 3, 20121

    1.3 billion tons of food is wasted globally each year... Or more than 200 LBS per PERSON! (yes, you!). How…

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