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  • 4 Ways to Give Without “Stuff”: Zero Waste Alternatives

    December 3, 20180

    I always loved giving gifts. I loved picking something special out, wrapping it up pretty (I love curling ribbon), and…

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    VZWraps: Reduce Your Gift-Giving Waste & Giveaway!

    April 24, 20180

    Last summer, I was running late for a friend’s baby shower and grabbed a gift bag out of the closet.…

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    The Procrastinator’s Green Gift Guide 2017

    December 12, 20170

    The holidays are right around the corner! Still searching for thoughtful gifts for your family, friends or colleagues? We have…

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    Sustainable Gift Guide: 9 Best Gifts for the Holidays

    December 15, 20151

    Christmas is 10 days away, which means it’s time to hustle for those last minute white elephants & gifts for…

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    10 Green Gifts for Online Black Friday: Avoid the Lines

    November 23, 20120

    Black Friday is here! Don't feel like dealing with those lines and craziness? Stay cozy on your couch & shop…

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    Alternative Green Gift Ideas

    December 17, 20091

    Want to limit the eco-impact from your gift-giving this year? Instead of the typical gift ideas, give an 'experience' gift.…

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