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  • A Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    January 4, 20190

    The workforce is about to go through a major shift. As more baby boomers retire, millennials will make up a…

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    City Rising 3: Renewable Energy Jobs with Emily Schapira

    October 17, 20180

    On this Episode of City Rising, we take an in-depth look into the green job landscape, the future of work…

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    City Rising 1: Green Careers: Find Jobs, Keep Employees & Future Workforce with Dan Smolen

    October 3, 20180

    Episode 1 of City Rising is live! What is meaningful work? How do I set myself up for a rewarding…

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    Job Alert: Urban Blazers & Energy Co-Op

    August 15, 20140

    Can't wait for five o'clock? Here's two job alerts for y'all: Urban Blazers: Program Coordinator Urban Blazers is hiring an…

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    More Street Cred: Philly is #9 for Green Jobs

    April 23, 20131

    Love the environment and looking for a job? You may be in luck! Philadelphia came in at #9 for green…

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    Obama Visits Bucks County to Talk Energy

    April 8, 20113

    Obama swung by a wind-turbine Plant to talk about Energy, reducing US oil imports and getting clean Energy on Wednesday…

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