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  • Join Your Neighbors for Philly Spring Clean Up Day

    April 3, 20190

    Grab some trash bags and team up with your fellow community members to keep the streets clean. The 12th annual…

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    Litter in Philadelphia: Update

    April 28, 20140

    Litter is causing an uproar on the Philly internets. We addressed the causes, frustrations and potential solutions for Philadelphia's litter…

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    Why is Philly So Dirty? The Litter Epidemic

    April 22, 201424

    Let’s face it: our city has a notorious reputation for being dirty. Don’t believe me? Walk the streets of London…

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    Where My Peers At? Why Philly Spring Cleanup Day Matters

    April 14, 20140

    The 7th annual Philly Spring Cleanup Day was on Saturday, April 5th. Over 14,000 volunteers helped pick up 970,900 lbs…

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    Surprising Secrets About America Recycles Day

    November 15, 20132

    America Recycles Day is today. Woo, recycling. Recycling is something that was emphasized to me since I was a wee…

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    Friday Wrapup: World Water Day, Young People Don’t Care About the Environment

    March 23, 20120

    Yesterday's World Water Day helped bring awareness of how much water we use daily.  Here's what else went on in…

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    How England Entices to Recycle

    July 23, 20101

    Crazy Brits - How England Entices to Recycle: Could it work for Philly?

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    Philadelphia Streets Department Reveals UnLitter Movement

    March 30, 20103

    Yesterday the Philadelphia Streets Department announced the launch of UnLitter Us- a sustained initiative and movement to rid Philadelphia of…

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    Greenfest Philly: '08 Recap

    September 8, 20080

    It was a gorgeous day for Philly's 3rd annual Greenfest '08. There was fun live music, great food and an…

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