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  • Rain Check: How to get FREE Rain Barrels through Philly Water

    January 30, 20170

    People can be a little like squirrels: when cold weather creeps in, we pack up the summer clothes, cover up the…

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    How Philly is Encouraging Sustainable Business Growth

    June 2, 20160

    This is an excerpt from the May 2016 edition of the Good Economist from the Sustainable Business Network. Read the…

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    Philadelphia Water has kept HOW MUCH polluted water out of our waterways?

    February 19, 20160

    Clockwise from top left: A stormwater bumpout near the Universal Daroff Charter School in West Phila.; rain garden on E.…

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    Oh Popi: How South Philly Restaurant Became a Green Infrastructure Posterchild

    December 1, 20150

    By Philly Watersheds Blogger Brian Rademaekers The biggest source of pollution impacting the quality of Philly’s rivers today? Stormwater runoff. Philadelphia…

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    What are the Paris Climate Talks?

    November 25, 20150

    Paris has been in the news the past few weeks due to the horrific terrorist attacks on the city. Although…

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    The Only Stormwater Management Resources You Will Ever Need

    October 22, 20150

    We already explained why Philadelphia Water’s Green City, Clean Waters initiatives are setting examples for the rest of the nation.…

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    3 Ways Green City, Clean Waters is the Best Thing since Sliced Bread

    October 15, 20150

    As they explained in last week’s post, Philadelphia Water is taking a new approach to stormwater management through its Green…

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    Green City, Clean Waters: How Philadelphia Water is Reducing Pollution & Stormwater

    October 8, 20153

    At its heart, Philadelphia Water has been a “green” organization for two centuries. The core mission for the more than…

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    Sustainable Groups Unite at CUSP Climate City

    September 4, 20150

    CUSP is made up of over 40 local Philly organizations, who are all passionate about engaging Philadelphians in learning about…

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    Why We Love Eggplant (And You Should, Too!)

    August 18, 20150

    Whenever anyone asks what my favorite color is, I say, “Eggplant.” That deep jewel tone, also called aubergine, is on…

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