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  • 10 Takeaways from Zero Waste & Litter 1 Year Report

    December 13, 20180

    How does a city get to Zero Waste? According to the Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet, it starts with One……

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    City Rising 8: How Philly is Going Zero Waste with Nic Esposito

    November 21, 20180

    How does Philadelphia tackle litter problems? We talk with Philadelphia’s Zero Waste and Litter Director, Nic Esposito, to discuss Philly’s…

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    Philadelphia Litter Index Released by Zero Waste & Litter Cabinet

    February 15, 20180

    Step one of fighting trash: Knowing where it is. Yesterday, the City of Philadelphia’s Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet revealed a city-wide…

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    Introducing Philacycle: the New City Recycling Program

    November 16, 20172

    Mayor Kenney, Philadelphia Streets Department, and Recyclebank announced Philacycle, the newest program to get the city to Zero Waste. Philacycle: Helping…

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    Zero Waste & Litter Action Plan: How “Philly-Centric” Roadmap Tackles Waste

    August 7, 20170

    With a long history of being dirty, Philly admits that we have work to do to be considered a “sustainable…

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    Nic Esposito Shares the Roadmap to a Zero Waste Philadelphia by 2035

    March 7, 20170

    It’s no secret Philly has had a dirty reputation. If you start googling “Why is Philly…”, here’s what automatically comes up:…

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    How to Help Sustainability Grow: Nic Esposito’s SustainPHL 2016

    February 17, 20170

    Kindling catches on to build a fire, eh? We’ve all been there – making an effort to bike in this…

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    How the Corn Belt Almanac Connects us to Food

    May 26, 20150

    When I first started the Head & The Hand Press in 2012, Editorial Director Linda Gallant and I knew that…

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    Should I Stay or Should I SNOW Now? Weekend Events March 20 – 22nd

    March 20, 20150

    Happy, uh… First Day of Spring? Don’t let the cold temps & snow get you down. Last night’s Better Mobility…

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    Kensington Homestead: Focusing on Local Urban farming

    November 4, 20140

    Moving neighborhoods in Philly is a BIG deal. Changing the comfort of your go-to coffee shop and favorite 'pub can…

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