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  • Join Your Neighbors for Philly Spring Clean Up Day

    April 3, 20190

    Grab some trash bags and team up with your fellow community members to keep the streets clean. The 12th annual…

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    Volunteer for Philly Spring Cleanup Day!

    March 14, 20180

    Don’t just whine about Philly’s dirty streets. Do something about it! On Saturday, April 7th from 9 AM to 2…

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    Over 20,000 Philadelphians Cleaned Up Last Weekend

    April 11, 20170

    The annual Philly Spring Cleanup was this past Saturday, April 8, 2017. 20,625 volunteers gathered at 825 sites across Philadelphia…

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    Top 8 Local April Events You Don’t Want to Miss

    April 3, 20170

    Welcome to April and (hopefully) the actual beginning of spring. We’ve got loads of great events on our calendar but picked…

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    Philly Spring Cleanup Day – Update on Project this Saturday!

    March 30, 20111

    Hey friends & readers- Who's excited to help Philadelphia this Saturday for Philly Spring Cleanup Day? As we mentioned, Green…

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    4th Annual Philly Spring Cleanup – Green Philly Blog Style!

    March 24, 20113

    Sick of litter on the streets? Tired of Philly's dirty rep? Readers, who's ready to take some action for the…

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    Philly Spring Cleanup!

    March 3, 20111

    Mayor Nutter Announced the 4th Annual Philly Spring Cleanup at Kickoff Event in North Philly yesterday! There's about 1 month…

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    Green Event Round-Up: Eco-Friendly Philadelphia

    March 12, 20101

    This early spring weather has lots of green Events in Philly coming up! See all the exciting happenings in Philadelphia…

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