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  • ‘Lots’ of Love: Weekly Recap

    February 15, 20190

    What’s going on in Philly and beyond? Here’s our weekly recap of news you should check out. Ideas to steal:…

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    Reader Question: Are Plastic Bags EVER OK in Recycling Bins?

    October 24, 20180

    We have another reader question in today’s Where Can I Wednesday. I put my recycling in a white plastic trash…

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    Can You Bag Your Recycling in Plastic Bags?

    May 4, 20160

    We’ve recently had TWO reader questions about placing recyclables in plastic bags for curbside pickup. “Is it true that we…

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    3 Sustainability Policies that City Council wants to pass in 2016

    January 14, 20161

    A new year means new legislation possible in city council. We chatted with Councilman Mark Squilla (who was hanging out…

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    Plastic Bag Legislation on Hold

    June 10, 20151

    Sad news on the Plastic Bag front… After Councilman Mark Squilla took on the twice-rejected plastic bag legislation and introduced…

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    Plastic Bag Legislation is being Introduced TODAY!!!

    April 23, 20152

    As some of you may remember, we started a “Ban the Bag day” in July 2012 to bring awareness to…

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    Nerd Nite Philly Sustainability Recap & Plastic Bag Updates

    September 19, 20130

    First and foremost, thanks to everyone who came out to Frankford Hall last evening for Nerd Nite Philly! Although we…

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    Logan Welde Talks Plastic Bags on Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR)!

    September 3, 20130

    Our friend at the Clean Air Council Logan Welde talked plastic bags (and the pros/cons of fees versus bans) this…

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    Guest Posting re: Bags on PennFuture Session Daze!

    August 29, 20130

    You probably know our love of hating single use bags. PennFuture was nice enough to let me guest post about…

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    An Open Letter to the Non-Recycler: in GIFs

    August 26, 20131

    Dear Non-Recycler, This morning I was in a fabulous mood. Nothing extraordinary happened, minus the fact I was able to…

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