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  • RIP: Recycling is Dead as We Know It

    April 2, 20190

    Earlier this year, people learned that Philadelphia is burning half of its recyclables. On NextDoor, people are calling out the…

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    Can I Recycle Plastic Clamshell Containers?

    January 20, 20160

    Happy Hump Day! Or as we call it, Where Can I Wednesday. Another recycling dilemma: can you recycle those clamshell…

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    5 Ways to Kick Plastic Use in the Office

    May 5, 20140

    This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Zojirushi. The opinions and text are all mine. Regardless…

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    Be Green Packaging: Better Alternative to Plastic

    August 21, 20131

    I don't know about you, but nothing bothers me more than styrofoam. In 2013, there's no reason to use something…

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    Trash talk, Local food, North Lake Pole & Plastic roundup!

    July 26, 20130

    Happy Friday, friends! We have a return to our Friday link roundups since there's too much to cover by one…

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    Plastic-Free Life: Following Beth Terry’s Footsteps

    January 31, 20130

    After embarking on our ‘plastic bag reduction’ journey, I wanted to dig deeper on plastics. After a quick search of…

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    Avoid Microbeads – Mini Plastic Litter – Friday Quickie

    December 28, 20120

    Ever see those commercials for 'microbeads', created to massage and exfoliate your body or face? They're typically purple or a…

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    Washy Wonder Bag Savers: Greenwashing at Its Peak

    November 29, 20120

    We received an invite to review Washy Wonder, a tool to "encourage reuse" and be greener. Besides the fact that…

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    Friday Quickie: Choose Reusable Hand & Dish Soap Containers

    October 26, 20121

    People, you know you want to cut down the plastic consumption in your home. Here's a simple tip to head…

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    How Celebs Help Spread the Eco-Message (& what celeb hates plastic, JUST like us.)

    October 1, 20120

    Who's the best spokesperson for the environment? (Besides GPB...) Celeb power dominates influencing audiences both young and old. Founded in…

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