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  • Where to Recycle a stainless steel pot or pan?

    December 5, 20180

    “What is the best way to recycle a stainless steel pot or pan.  I am asking about a pan that…

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    Reader Question: Are Plastic Bags EVER OK in Recycling Bins?

    October 24, 20180

    We have another reader question in today’s Where Can I Wednesday. I put my recycling in a white plastic trash…

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    Where is a Recycling center near me?

    December 20, 20171

    Whether you’re moving or trying to get those end-of-year house cleaning done, you may wonder, ‘where is the closest recycling…

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    Can you recycle envelopes with bubble wrap?

    August 30, 20170

    Those mailers lined with bubble wrap are quite convenient to limit damage to your products, but are they recyclable? This…

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    What to Do & Where to Recycle Those Solar Eclipse Glasses

    August 22, 20170

    Now that we’ve all viewed the coolest event in 2017, the next question on everyone’s minds is what to do…

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    Can You Recycle Paper Towels?

    July 12, 20170

    I’ve addressed whether paper towels are recyclable (or not) IRL twice in the past week, so it’s time to tackle…

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    Where Can I Recycle Electronic Waste?

    March 22, 20170

    Hi Green Philly, I was wondering if you know of any collection events coming up soon to collect TVs and…

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    Where Can I Recycle Old Christmas & Greeting Cards?

    March 1, 20171

    Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Groundhog Day, Arbor Day, if you can name it there’s probably a holiday card for…

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    Where to Recycle Holiday Lights and Decorations

    December 21, 20160

    Deck the halls with boughs of paper… and plastic… and wrapping materials. What can you recycle from your holiday haul?…

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    Where to Recycle Leaves in Philadelphia: 2016

    November 16, 20160

    Don’t throw those leaves in the trash – they’ll end up in landfills and produce methane, versus how organics can…

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