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  • Lessons from a Zero Waste “Geek”

    March 15, 20190

    I’ve written this thing in my head about a dozen times now. As I reflected on which topics I wanted…

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    The Loop is Bringing Back the Milkman

    February 5, 20190

    At our “How Sustainability Works” event, Nic Esposito shared a plea for entrepeneurs to fix recycling. Shortly after, we have…

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    Grant Opportunity: Organizations Wanted to Tackle Cigarette Litter

    May 8, 20170

    Sick of seeing cigarette butts littering the ground? A new grant opportunity is helping local community organizations tackle this waste.…

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    Where to Recycle Dog Food bags in Philadelphia

    September 2, 20151

    For those pet owners, buying the best for your pet can generate a lot of waste. I know my buddy…

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    Recycle Used Flip Flops & Shoes – Where Can I (Wednesday)

    August 29, 20120

    Last week I was on my way into the Phillies game... and RIGHT before they searched my bag, I blew…

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